Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY: Wristwarmer Made With Fancy Yarn

Yes, I am really fond of wristwarmers.
And I like the combination of yarn and sequins very much because it adds a little sparkle. It looks nice and special.
I have just made a tube and changed from rounds to rows in order to create a hole for my thumb. After finishing the hole I changed back to rounds.

Try it on your own – it is really easy!

Ps.: Here is a pattern on how to knit easy wristwarmers:
And here is a crocheted version:
and another one:

Of course, I would love to see photos of your creations, if you were inspired by my post!

Pps.: This weekend I have worn it with a long-sleeved shirt (because the sleeves are slightly too short) - without putting my thumb through the hole. Many people asked me if this was one piece, one guy even poked his finger down there to see if it was part of the shirt or not. 
What an easy way to upcycle basic clothing :)

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