Friday, October 17, 2014

#scarfie Scarf Special - DIY

Do you know the Lion Brand Blog?

Yesterday, they posted a really cool article:

Instead of making mere selfies they are asking everyone to make a scarfie.
Can #scarfie become a trend topic?

I guess it would be quite nice, because a scarfie is not just about oneself. It is also about what we make and how we feel while wearing our own creation.

So I decided to show you all my scarves that I have made so far.

And how I made them:

The first one (from top to bottom) is woven. First, I crocheted a mesh (filet crochet) and then I wove a chunky yarn into the mesh. It is rather stiff but very warm.

Here is a tutorial on how to crochet such a mesh:

The second one is a hairpin crochet scarf. Therefore, I used a crochet hook and a hairpin lace loom in order to create strips. Then, I crocheted around the edges and sewed the strips in place (of course, I sewed the cricles in place before I crocheted along the edge). It is a rather fast way to crochet lace and it is really light-weight.

Here is a great tutorial for an easy hairpin lace scarf:
How to create a circle from a hairpin lace strip:

The third scarf was made with fancy mesh yarn that creates a ruffled scarf. I used one yarn with bigger holes in its mesh and one yarn with very fine holes. I layed the two yarns onto each other and worked single crochet stitches. It is a very quick technique, but it is really heavy.
Afterwards, I crocheted a spiral, which I rolled into a flower. On the backside I fixed its form by crocheting and sewing. I also sewed a safety pin onto the back of the rose, so that I can use it as a brooch.

Here is a video on how to crochet with ruffle yarn:
How to crochet a simple flower (starting with a spiral):

The last one is arm knitted. My husband wanted me to make somthing for him with this yarn when we were in the yarn store -  but desided otherwise when we were at home. So, I tried something new. Arm knitting is really quick, but maybe I should have used even thicker yarn. What do you think?
Ah, yes, and I added a really quick tassel (you can see it at the side of my neck), by forming loops and knotting them together constantly.

Here is a nice tutorial on how to arm knit:
And how to work with several colors:

I hope, I could inspire you and wish you all the best!
I would be happy to hear from you - especially if you do your own #scarfie

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