Sunday, December 28, 2014

How To Use Swatches: Patchwork Headband

If you have swatches you might wonder how to use them.
First, I have made a belt of my swatches. But one of the knooked pieces looked really bulky because of its stretchability. So I had to replace it or to use its bulkiness.
Now, you can see the bulky piece in the front of my headband - it is the red one.

How to join crochet pieces with whipstitch:

How to knook:
Knit Stitch:
Purl Stitch:

These are the pieces which are still left over:

Any idea what I could make of them?
How to crochet a waffle stitch (the orange one in the left corner):

How to filet crochet (the yellow swatch):
How to crochet a loop stitch or fur stitch (the green piece):

Some impressions of Salzburg, Austria:

And this is the cap which I have already described here:

Of course, I would love to see photos of your creations, if you were inspired by my post!

Have a nice day!

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