Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review On Katwise Tutorials (Recycled Sweater Armwarmers, Hoodies And Coats)

Lately, I came accross a shared photo on facebook. It lead me to „Katwise“.

On you can also see photos of her really colorful house, busses, paintings and clothes and you will get to know things like why she will never be a flight attendant. Some pictures are too unconventional for me, but the overall impression is quirky and stunning.
I bought these tutorials on a whim (yes, I really like her work).

To read more about her works of art click here:

The easiest tutorial: „the Katwise Guide to Armwarmers“
It contains a short introduction, the story of her armwarmers, information about tools and materials (e.g. how to choose appropriate sweaters), and how to sew armwarmers (using an overlock serger, a sewing machine or even sewing by hand) and some notes for people who want to sell their products.

Next: „Katwise Hoodie Tutorial“
This tutorial contains basic informations (just as the easiest tutorial does), the pros of hoodies, a very detailed guide on how to sew each part of ones hoodie, etc.
Although she provides a lot of information, she refers to the armwarmer tutorial if one wants to make thumbholes.

And: „the Katwise Guide to Sweater Coats“
It contains basic informations (just as the easiest tutorial does), information about the anatomy of a sweater, a really detailed guide on how to sew each part, on how to add your own style and on how to care for your coat, what can be done with leftover sweater scraps, etc.

I would have really liked descriptions on how to sew different hood styles (e.g. spiral, kitty, round). But there are many gorgeous photos in her tutorials and even more if you search for her on facebook. If one can not figure out how to sew something extremely extravagant, she provides a link in her tutorials which leads to a forum where you can discuss your thoughts and questions with like-minded sewaholics.
After all, authenticity is great. Like Cathy Thorne (
wrote: "Who you are is far more interesting than the most interesting person you can pretend to be."

Katwise writes in a conversational and lighthearted tone. And of course, her tutorials are filled with color and design elements. Although the tutorials are clear and easy to follow, she encourages her readers to experiment and to refrain from perfectionism.
She generously provides tips and information which she gained from her own experience.
Her approach to freeform work reminds me of Irish crochet or freeform crochet. Thereby, it is also recommended to use garments (that one already owns and likes) as template.
Recycling sweaters combines adventure (e.g. searching for proper sweaters) and geometry (e.g. seaming something beautiful and harmonious from irregularly shaped scraps).

She has even made a video which provides a little insight on how she makes her stunning coats:

Happy sewing!

Ps: If you prefer to knit such a coat, you can buy patterns here: (for adults) (for children)

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