Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Sew A Button Onto A Multicolored Surface

I bought a vest which has several shades of grey.
When a button got loose, I fixed it with grey wool that seemed to match one of the grey tones.
But it was really easy to see which button I had sewed on. It was much too bright and did not really fit in.
Moreover, it got loose after a while, because I could not weave it in properly, as I want to be able to wear the vest open.

after that, I used my grey wool and a black sewing thread, which I could easily weave in without it being too bulky or having a patch in a different color on the inside.
Now, it also matches all the shades of grey of the vest perfectly.

Yes, I can still see where I fixed it. But can you?

How to sew buttons on:

Have a nice day!

Ps.: I like to promote fixing things yourself (as far as possible).
When I worked as a teacher I experienced that my colleagues did not fix their garments on their own. Instead they expected that the craft teachers should fix all their things.
Therefore, I was really happy, when I heard that my husband (back then he was still my boyfriend) is able to sew on a button.

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