Monday, March 9, 2015

How To Use Leftovers Of Yarn, Wire And Beads

If you want to crochet, without having to buy something new, you might just like to crochet rings.

From left to right:
1. Hereby, I used short rows, wire and beads with a subtle shimmer.
2. This is just a very simple ring using chain stitches, wire and beads from an old garment.
3. Here, I just crocheted some rows using wire and mixed beads. 
Nowadays, I would crochet in rounds in order to avoid having a less beautiful backside.
4. This ring is made of yarn leftovers. I crocheted a very small flower and joined it with chain stitches and slip stitches at the ends.
5. The last one is nearly the same as ring number 2. But it only has beads in the front, instead of (almost) all the way around.

This are just some really simple rings.
Of course, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Have a nice day!

Ps.: Of course, I would like to see photos of what you have created, if you got inspired by this.

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