Monday, December 29, 2014

Book Review: The Emergency Gift Book: More Than 100 Instant Gifts To The Rescue! + DIY

Sometimes our friends invite us spontaneously. As I do not eat sugar, I do not store chocolate, cookies, etc. at home. Maybe I do not have time to shop or the shops are closed.
This book claims to contain everything one needs to give presents to family, friends, coworkers, cohabitants and loved ones. But is that true?
To see a review of this book and some of my own ideas on instant gifts click here:

It sure can take some pressure off and minimize expenses for people who do not have much time to prepare a gift, because they have just moved and can not find their stuff to make their own gifts, etc.

There are grids where you can note whom you should give a present at a specific date, what preferences and quirks your friends and family have and if they have already made a present to you.

Unfortunately, there are many IOU Coupons which are meant to be funny. And there is not much space left to make it personal (only "To: From: Date: Reason: Date Redeemed:" at the back of each coupon).
At least, some of the coupons make sense, e.g. "Drinks On Me", "All-You-Can-Eat-Brunch", "Pet Sitting", "Plant Sitting", "A Favor Of Your Chossing (Multiple-Choice)", "Fridge Restock",  "Chauffeur For A Day", "Technical Assistance", etc.
There are also many IOU An Apologie/Thanks/Acknowledgment Coupons.

You can find some gift card enclosures (but you will still have to buy a gift card).
There are paper wristbands which ought to be magical. They are only to be worn one day (of course, they are made of paper).
It contains merit badge-stickers; doorknob signs; a ring made of paper; "funny" stickers which can be put on a keyboard (to make it even harder to find some symbols).
You can find a tip translator, for people who do not like math and do not want to train their brain.
There is a finger puppet therapist for bigger issues which one does not want to listen to; stickers which can help to transform office supplies into animals; a fuss-free folded paper-dog, which comes with accessories, for people who want a pet without responsibility.

And of course there are some more things, that might please somebody.

So, if you think this sounds practical or at least funny, buy it.
If you have got another kind of humor and do not need instant gifts very often, save your money for other gifts.

Some instant gifts, which I like to make:

One of my favorite gifts is the transforming origami star, because I like the look on the recipient's face when I show them how to transform it and when they try it on their own.
How to make it:
I usually make it of simple square paper (8 sheets per star) which can be found in any store which sells office supplies.

This origami heart bookmark is a nice idea for loved ones.
I also used it at my wedding, with a name on each one, so that our guests knew where they were supposed to sit. I bought very beautiful expensive origami paper, but I must say that most people could not distinguish good paper from excellent paper.
How to fold it:
How to fold another orgiami heart bookmark:

A friend has sent me this beautiful flower brooch. I have turned it into a hairpin.
How to crochet easy flowers:

And for this cotton coaster you just have to know how to crochet a circle.
How to crochet a flat circle using dc:
Please, do not use a material which could melt.

Yes, the photos are not that appealing, but these are the items that I keep. Mostly, they are my first try.
I recommend to try everything with cheap material first - unless, you already know the basics of origami or crochet and feel confident.

If you like to cut and fold simple but brilliant paper sculptures this is the right book for you:
Desktop Gremlins are colorful, look great and you do not even need glue to assemble them.
I have made my own paper sculpture. First, I wanted it to serve as wedding invitation, but then I decided to use it as a cake topper. I should have used more color, though.

Of course, I would love to see photos of your creations, if you were inspired by my ideas!

Best wishes,

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