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DoubleStitch Twins – Refreshing And Motivating Crochet Designs (Many Free Patterns)

If you do do not want to crochet one more frumpy crochet design with expensive yarn, check out the DoubleStitch Twins – Erika and Monika Simmons.
They mostly use lacy crochet stitches, which means that their designs are easy and quick to make. But you do not only save time, you also save wool and you will not get frustrated (like on some designs which take months to finish).
Their designs can be completed in a week or less.

In 2011 they won the Flamie Award for Best Crochet Designers Accessories.
You can also find convertible designs made by them.
In the majority they use very simple basic stitches. Therefore, you do not need to be an advanced crocheter in order to make one of their designs. But if you are skilled at crocheting clothes, you may be able to figure out how to crochet smaller or larger sizes of their patterns (although their patterns cover quiet a range of sizes).
Moreover, many of their garments are adjustable through lacing.

I was always told to crochet as firm and tight as possible. Doing so my index finger often turned bluish and my shoulders and neck hurt.
Fortunately, the DoubleStitch Twins show that you can crochet beautiful things by crocheting rather loosely. It is much more fun and much more practical if garments do not end up stiff but have a nice drape.

They design by trying to duplicate things or shapes that they like. And they help each  other to come up with more innovative ideas for each other’s pieces. As a result, their designs are colorful, often unique and sometimes even bold.
I learned of them when I was on
For this blog post I searched for their free patterns and was overwhelmed. So I categorized it for you.
Free patterns by the DoubleStitch Twins...
·         …for picture frames:
beginner: (Whirly Picture Frame - glue chain on frame)
·         …for belts, collars, necklaces, barrettes and earrings:
beginner: (Loopy Hair Barette - ch and sl st)
easy: (Sparkle & Shine Necklace – using bobble stitch) (Ruffled Hip Belt - embellished with cowrie shells, beads, buttons or other findings)
·         …for headbands and fascinators:
beginner: (Fascinating Fascinator Hat - strange)
easy: (Blossom Headband - with small buttons) (Fascinator Headband - elegant with feathers)
·         …for spats, boot covers, legwarmers, armwarmers and sleeves:
easy: (Diva Driving Arm Warmers – very simple) (Tigh High Leg Warmers - very simple) (Happy Eskimo Boot Covers – with pompon yarn)
·         …for scarves, wraps, capelets and ponchos:
beginner: (Circle Loop Scarf - ch and sl st) (Textured Travel Scarf - ch, sl st and dc)
easy: (Textured Neck Warmer - can be done very quickly) (Renaissance Capelet - with soft ruffle edging) (Petticoat Poncho -  very lacy with a hood) (Double Drama Scarf - nice and easy) (Easy Wrap Comfort Scarf – big slits in it allow you to slip the scarf end through) (Curtain Call Wrap - using drawstrings to gather up the back and edges for a ruffled look) (Convertible Cape - made of two colors) (Autumn Fall Scarf - it is called „Autumn…“ because of its colors) (Musical Shells Shawl - crocheted with a „magial“ yarn) (Romantic Flower Capelet - flowers and lace)
intermediate: (Versatile Circle Wrap - very lacy)
·         …for hats:
easy: (Glitz n‘ Glamour Hairnet - lacy) (Windy City Cloche - with a simple brim) (Top Stitched Hat - with a simple brim) (Ponytail Hat - with a simple brim) (Newsboy Hat - can be worn by men, too) (Child’s Whip My Hat – strange)
·         …for toppers, tops and tunics:
easy: (Happy Halter for Toddler – big doily) (Happy Days Halter - oversized doily) (Drop Stitch Tunic)         (Options Topper - you can switch it around for a new texture at the front) (Trippy Tunic - very lacy oversized doilies) (Lighthearted Tunic - very lacy oversized doilies) (Heartfelt Halter - oversized doily) (Summer Striped Top - with neck ties and ruffle edging)
intermediate: (Baby Doll Top - one shoulder top)
·         …for shrugs, vests and a coat:
easy: (Links and Loops Shrug – very lacy, can also be used as scarf) (Calypso Cardigan - with fringe peplum) (Diva Shimmer Shrug - with puff sleeves) (Long on Looks Cardie – simply elegant and beautiful)
intermediate: (Fringe Vest - with enormous armholes) (Little Girl’s Puffy Sleeve Sweater)
·         …for skirts and dresses:
easy: (Diva Denim Remix Skirt – with fringy ruffles)
·         …for bags:
beginner: (Half Circle Bag - envelope style)

Thanks to Red Heart Yarn and the DoubleStitch Twins!

It would be really cool, if Red Heart Yarn would be easily available in Austria, too.

If you want even more DoubleStitch designs or if you want to support them check out their books and booklets.
There is a very short overview on youtube:

Be prepared to get compliments whenever you wear one of their head turning designs and have a great day!

Best wishes,

Ps.: If you think that only thin girls can wear DoubleStitch or similar designs, watch this video:

Pps.: I have already made a variation of the Classy Corset Belt and a Butterfly Wrap with minor changes.

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