Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review: Double Stitch - Designs For The Crochet Fashionista By The DoubleStitch Twins

In this book Monika and Erika Simmons present twenty-five fashion-forward patterns on 128 pages.

Most of the projects which are featured in this book are modern, flirtatious and show a lot of skin. But the designs are adaptable, if you do not like such a young style. Many of the designs are also meant for layering (e.g. over T-shirts). Thus, you can dress most of them up or down, based on your styling.

One of their biggest advantage is that they use simple crochet techniques and mix it with mostly simple but fresh and innovative construction.

Here you can find photos of most of the designs which are featured in this book:
A list of the projects: 
Deep V Halter with Fringe, 
Webbed Halter Dress, 
Tube Apron Top with Lacing, 
Hip Hanger, 
ReMix T-Shirt Sleeves, 
Funky One Sleeve, 
Hooded Poncho with Boot Covers, 
Beach Bikini Top and Skirt, 
Overhead Sleeves with Contrast Edging, 
Cropped Sweater with Lace-up Closure, 
Gypsy Duster with Tassle Tie, 
Pullover Poncho with Neck Warmer, 
Gothic Shawl with Two-way Zipper, 
Salsa Belt with Fringe, 
Feather Choker and Cocktail Bag, 
Fitted Shrug with Cap Sleeves, 
Reverse Halter Sweater, 
Corset Top with Satin Ribbon, 
Bell Sleeve Shrug with Feathered Collar, 
T-Neck Top with Extended Sides, 
Cape Shawl with Sleeves, 
Shrunken Jacket with Attached Scarf, 
Peek-a-boo Dress and Shawl

The patterns are mostly written for sizes S, M and L. But if you are skilled at crocheting clothes, you may be able to figure out how to crochet smaller or larger sizes of their patterns.
They like to use lacing, which is easier to crochet because you can achieve a fitted look without much effort. I like that close-fitting look, but designs with lacing are not that practical to wear. In the office where I work e.g. it can be freezing cold when my colleagues decide to open the windows and it can be quiet hot and stifling if they leave the windows closed for a long time. So I want to be able to take off a jacket and put it on again without much effort.

As usual, you can find the crochet techniques you need to create those projects at the back of the book.
Moreover, they provide schematics for the more challenging projects. But they do not provide crochet symbols, which would help to understand the text.
Unfortunately, the text is not very easy to read, it is too thin and bright.

Some buyers said that there are mistakes in the patterns and that some of the instuctions are not clear. As a matter of fact this book was published at a time when the DoubleStitch Twins did not even know how to write patterns. So someone else wrote them for them.
I like to try projects on and to use my common sense while I am crocheting, so this does not bother me. Moreover, I can not buy their yarn here, so I have to substitute which requires a lot more thinking.
I would recommend to read through the pattern that you want to crochet, because it is always a good idea to understand beforehand what you will have to do. If you do not understand everything from the start do not be intimidated, some instructions might only make sense when you see your project, the pattern and pictures of a finished project.
On the other hand, even some beginners said that the instructions are simple to follow.
After all there are far more positives than negatives overall.

A big advantage is that you can finish most of the projects in a week or less.

If you are adventurous and trendy this book is definitely for you.

Play with patterns and have fun!

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