Saturday, March 7, 2015

Booklet Review: Fashion Forward By The DoubleStitch Twins

In „Fashion Forward“ you will find ten crochet designs and an interview with the Double Stitch Twins on 41 pages.

I like that Monika and Erika Simmons encourage their readers to use their imagination and to experiment with colors.

A list of the featured patterns: Ruffled Sparkly Shrug, Not So Square Granny Wrap, Multi-Way Shawl, Quick Headband & Wristers, Springtime Circle Vest, Crown Princess Headband, Tri-Color Royal Headdress, High-Neck Collar, Jazzy Halter Vest, Chained Together Rope Scarf

They are the models for their own booklet, which is quiet nice.

The projects are quiet easy, some might even be too easy, if you like a little challenge
And even in this small booklet you will find some multi-functional projects.

There are no instructions on basic crochet techniques. But you can find them in almost any book or on youtube, if you need a little refresher or if you are a newbie.

So grab your hook and start crocheting.
Best wishes,

Ps.: I have already made a variation of the Jazzy Halter Vest and I will post it as soon as I feel well again.

Make sure of the more important things.
(Phil. 1:10)

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