Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Modular Crochet Ball with optional Spikes

I just wanted to share some pictures of my latest project with you. It took some weeks until I finished the pattern because it meant a lot of trial and error, ripping and redoing. But now, finally, it is finished. :)

On the right you can see a sewed ball, on the left a crocheted ball.
You can turn some of the modules in and out, so that it has either a spiky or a normal surface.
The crocheted ball is heavier and much easier to grip. Therefore it is more suitable for toddlers.
My husband and I love the fresh colors and how it feels.
I have done the sewed ball first. It is a good way to test patterns with easy shapes, because it is faster than crocheting. (And it would be even faster if I still had a sewing machine.)

Ps.: My husband has found a new way to form this ball. And I have made a smaller ball now. Details can be found in my newer posts:

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