Sunday, July 13, 2014

Modular Crochet Ball - Pattern Link

Maybe you remember my second post "Modular Crochet Ball with optional Spikes".

A friend of mine has asked for a pattern and now I have found one which looks almost like my ball and some which are even cooler.
The only big difference with these patterns is that the spikes do not seem to be optional - but that should be no problem for tinkerers.

There are free patterns, paid patterns, etc.

There are free patterns: (This mini-version is so cute!) (This is a knit version - for people who prefer this handcraft or who want to try it.) (Hereby, she uses flowers instead of diamond-shapes.)

There are also paid patterns where she transforms this ball into cute animals.
...and free patterns where she does the same. (This one is so cool!)

Here you can learn more about this talented designer:

Have a nice day!

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